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No, all estimates are free of charge- call our office and we can arrange to have an estimator meet you at your property, or he can leave an estimate for you if you can't be home.
Our accounting office will email you a invoice for services provided. We accept personal check or credit cards.
This is a very good question, and should be asked of every contractor you are thinking of hiring. We are licensed contractors through the California State License Board (CSLB). We are also licensed through every City and County that we work in with separate licenses for each locality. We will be glad to provide copies of our licenses at your request. We are also fully insured with liability, vehicle insurance and Workers Compensation. We will be happy to provide you with proof of insurance. Please always make sure to ask for proof of insurance before a contractor comes on your property to work.
Tree removal permit regulations are different in every city. You will need to check the guidelines in the city your tree is located in. Our certified arborists/estimators will be happy to assist you through the process.
We do not use spikes to climb trees that we are pruning. We will only use spikes if we are taking down the tree.
No, we don't believe in the use of pesticides to control insects in most cases. We feel that if your tree is healthy it can withstand an attack from common insects. We recommend maintaining your tree with regular pruning and fertilizing to keep it strong and healthy. However, in some cases the use of pesticides are necessary, and we can recommend a reputable pest control service.
Topping is no longer a recommended pruning method to cut a tree down in height. It is actually harmful to the health of the tree. Your estimator can discuss other methods of pruning to maintain a certain height, and to try to repair trees that have been damaged by topping.

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