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We provide expert tree and landscaping services to commercial and residential properties in Greater Northern California and surrounding communities. We also work closely with local utility companies to ensure public safety and satisfaction. Our goal is to showcase trees and other vegetation by pruning practices that are in accordance with current arborist standards. Our customers are happy when their properties look great!



We understand how important trees are, in fact we LOVE trees. Click below to learn more about tree removal and why it is sometimes the best option.



Tree pruning is an important part of proper tree maintenance, and it's essential to make sure it's done correctly. Click below to learn more!

Crown Reduction, Thinning & End Weight Reduction

Our tree service offers crown reduction, thinning & end weight reduction to help keep your trees looking their best. Click below to learn more.

Fruit Tree


Newcomb Tree Experts offers fruit tree pruning services to help ensure your fruit trees get the care they need to produce healthy, delicious fruit.  

Defensible Space


We specialize in Defensible Space Clearing, providing fire protection services to maintain fire safety for your home. Contact us today!



Our experienced crew will clear away any unwanted brush, trees, and shrubs that are taking away from the beauty of your property. 

Stump Grinding & Root Removal

Newcomb Tree Experts offers professional stump grinding and root removal services to ensure that your yard is free of unsightly stumps and roots. 

Storm Damage


At Newcomb Tree Experts, we understand the devastating effects of storms and the damage they can cause to your trees and property. 

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Man in using chain saw to cut tree
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