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Why do my redwoods look like they are dying?

Updated: Apr 29

Climate change has been the root cause of stressed trees that have become susceptible to pests and can't fight back using their natural defenses without more access to water.

Here is a comment from the University Of California on how to handle these pests: “Except for general cultural practices that improve tree vigor, little can be done to control most bark beetles once trees have been attacked. Because the beetles live in the protected habitat beneath the bark, it is difficult to control them with insecticides. If trees or shrubs are infested, prune and dispose of bark beetle-infested limbs. If the main trunk is extensively attacked by bark beetles, the entire tree or shrub should be removed. Unless infested trees are cut and infested materials are quickly removed, burned, or chipped on site, large numbers of beetles can emerge and kill nearby host trees, especially if live, unattacked trees nearby are weakened or stressed by other factors. Never pile infested material adjacent to a live tree or shrub.”

Tree care is what we do. So, if you are concerned about your redwood trees dying send us a text, call, or message us. We can help! (530) 599-8000.

Forest with bark beetle infected trees
Bark beetle infected trees

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